Find Me A Job! I’m Told I’m Overqualified

February 26, 2013 in Starting a Business

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Are You Overqualified to Find A Job?

Create Your Own Job and BusinessMum of 2, Rachel Gosling was told she was too overqualified when she decided to return to work and tried to find a job in her local area.  This is the story of how she left her busy City Job, had her family and how, having been rejected from many job applications, retrained as a Massage Therapist and set up The Therapy Room in Billingshurst, West Sussex.

Leaving the 9-5 Office Job to Become a Domestic Goddess

I am a mum of two boys, 7 and 11. I returned to work in London after my first boy was born in 2001 but as I had an hour and a half commute from West Sussex into the City, the pull of my commitment to the company and being back for bath time was huge and one that caused me constant conflict both personally and professionally.

It was after the birth of my second son that I re-evaluated what my priorities were, and we were fortunate enough for me not to have to return to work.

I have been a domestic goddess for the best part of 7 years now, and some would argue I still am! But as great as this was to be at home for my boys, for me personally I felt the need to return to work in some shape or form.

Finding a Job…..or not

However, this was easier said than done! Perhaps naively I thought I would slot quite easily into a part time local job as I had a wide range of transferable skills from my City job ie; good with people, financial experience, sales, healthcare, marketing, managerial, business & operational, secretarial, to name but a few, and all I was looking for was a part-time admin job to fit in with school hours……

However, having applied for 10 local jobs, adapting my CV to fit the application, stressing that I was no longer looking for senior positions and that I REALLY did want a non-stress, limited responsibility job, each application was either a No or I just didn’t hear back.

Being fairly tenacious, I rang a few of the companies up to ask for some feedback as to why I was not even getting to a short list – the same thing kept coming back.

“Sorry, we feel you are over qualified”

So, that left me deflated, my confidence well and truly dented and the prospect of being a Domestic Goddess stretching out in front of me.

Creating My Own Job..and Business

Then a throw away comment from my physiotherapist one day threw me a curved ball and sent me in a direction I had not expected. “Why don’t you train to be a Massage Therapist, I always have clients that would benefit from a massage to complement their physio treatment, you have just the personality that my clients would love”.

I went home and started thinking about the possibilities, and whether this was something that was realistic. There were college fees, where was the closest college?, could I study part time?, having to study – this prospect was totally daunting!

I did some research on which course was the best, which college, and whether my idea was just a pipe dream, however the more I investigated, the more excited I became.

So, with the support of my family, February 2012 saw me enrolling with The College of Classical Massage in Brighton, on an ITEC Level 3 Diploma and in September 2012 after 130 hours of studying Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, a minimum of 50 hours college homework, 30 practical massage case studies, Business, Finance and Health & Safety I qualified with Merit!

This was all done one full weekend in three at College and the homework’s done whilst the children were at school. It’s been many, many years since I have worked so hard – academia never came easy to me!!

As part of my Business Plan, The Therapy Room was born, and this has now become a reality, with the setting up in October 2012 of The Therapy Room officially as my business.

My Advice To Other Mums who want a Job

To date it is going really well.  I have invested a lot of time in setting up my online marketing presence:

and of course the good old fashioned marketing method of word of mouth, leaflet and flyers throughout the local area and shameless advertising wherever possible!! (Visit 7 Offline Marketing Strategies you Should Use in Your Home Business for more advice – Vicky)

I would actively encourage anyone who is feeling a bit lost, trying to return to work or setting up their own business, to think outside of the box for want of a better cliché!

Everything I have needed to know about setting up my business I have either taught myself from the internet, from talking to my friends with businesses, and making a fair few mistakes along the way!

I never thought in a million years that I would have my own business, let alone re-train in an area that a year ago I knew nothing about – and I absolutely love it!

Totally the best decision I ever made.

Thank You

I would like to thank Rachel for this heartfelt and practical insight into an issue many Mums face when trying to return to work, after having a family, and find employers see them as overqualified when they try to find a job.

Vicky Tait


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